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Little Baby
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Little Forest Promotion: buy 2 shampoos or lotions and get a free stuffed animal

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Sean Connolly & Family
Father of Two and President of
Little Forest, LLC.

P.O. Box 1309 • Mill Valley, CA • 94942 • USA

Dear New Parent,

When my wife and I had our first son, we had the good fortune of being introduced to the Little Forest product line by our pediatrician.  Little Forest ’s reputation for safe, natural and effective products made it a top choice of pediatricians and healthcare professionals.  Its reputation, combined with a seal of approval from our pediatrician gave us confidence we were exposing our child to only the best, most natural products.  We used Little Forest products on both of our children - we loved the products and the feeling that comes with knowing we’re doing the best for our baby.

Little Forest has a heart-warming story founded in a parent’s love and concern for her newborn baby.  In 1995, a new mother became alarmed after she watched a local news show discussing the dangers and toxicity of many common household products.   Among those products was the baby powder that she had just received as a free sample from the hospital.  Subsequent research produced information showing that every one of the samples of baby bathing products contained harmful ingredients.  Most baby powders are made from talcum powder, which can cause respiratory problems, or cornstarch, which breeds yeast and can perpetuate diaper rash. Tearless shampoos contain numbing agents. Most baby oil is mineral oil, which can leach moisture, and some baby lotions have been found to contain formaldehydes.

In seeking alternatives to the mass produced, low cost baby products, she discovered few products that were actually natural and even fewer that were effective.

Frustration led to inspiration and Little Forest was founded. Over the years, the Little Forest team has been devoted to developing safe and natural products so that you now have a choice in baby care. Little Forest has a complete line of products for everyday infant bathing needs as well as skin treatments for minor skin ailments common to infants such as cradle cap, diaper rash and eczema. Our toiletries are gentle enough for a newborn and effective for the entire family.

Little Forest is dedicated to continuous improvement in understanding and meeting your baby care needs. Our mission statement says it all. We welcome suggestions from our customers, our retail partners, and infant healthcare practitioners for improving the information on our web site and in increasing the effectiveness of our products. Please share your thoughts with us at

I’m proud to continue the tradition and I am committed to upholding the longstanding philosophy integral with the superior products Little Forest produces. 


 Sean Connolly

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