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Little Baby
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Little Forest Promotion: buy 2 shampoos or lotions and get a free stuffed animal

For Healthcare Practioners

Little Forest understands that that providing nurturing support to new parents can be difficult and time consuming. We have chosen to do our part by providing information from healthcare providers such as yourselves to your patients through our website. We need to continue to work closely with healthcare practitioners so that our products always meet the highest standards and so that we can be relied upon to provide accurate information that parents can use.

There are a number of Ingredients We Avoid because research has shown that they may be harmful to babies. Many healthcare practitioners have been reluctant to recommend commercial baby care products as a result.

Little Forest sells its products through various channels in the medical community, including pediatric and OB/Gyn offices, midwiferies, hospitals, lactation centers, and birthing centers. Healthcare professionals like yourself are supplementing their income by becoming direct sales representatives of the Little Forest product line. If you are interested in becoming a direct sales partner, please complete the template below. If you prefer, call us at 415.601.9669. Thank you for your interest in Little Forest.

We appreciate that some freebie sites have posts that we offer free samples. We are a small company and cannot accommodate free samples unless you are a legitimate business. We appreciate your understanding, and if you'd like to order products, we guarantee you will be satisfied!


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