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Little Baby
Quack! Quack! Chirp! Chirp!
Little Forest Promotion: buy 2 products and get a free stuffed animal

Buy two or more shampoos or lotions, get a free stuffed animal.
Hurry, these cute little friends won't last very long!
Little Forest Promotion: buy 2 shampoos or lotions and get a free stuffed animal

Welcome to Little Forest
Welcome to the Little Forest!

For over a decade, Little Forest has made natural, safe, and effective products for your baby.  Little Forest products are phthalate-free.  Our commitment to quality and healthy products has made us one of the most sought after products by healthcare professionals.  Please enjoy shopping on our site.  Check back often - we're expanding our product line to include a wider range of products for your baby and your family. If you need assistance, please click Contact Us to your left and drop us a message.

UPDATE: Little Forest SPF30+ Sunscreen ranks in the Environmental Working Group's TOP 10 Sunscreens for 2009!    Click Here to learn more!

Little Forest has the natural outdoor protection your family needs: the Little Forest Outdoor Botanicals Sunscreen and Outdoor Botanicals Bug Ban. Order today so you're ready for summer!

Little Forest Natural Sunscren Environment Alert: Did you know that ray-absorbing sunscreens are endangering our coral reefs? This National Geographic article describes the impact and recommends physical barrier sunscreen like Little Forest Outdoor Botanicals Sunscreen to reduce our environmental impact. Our Outdoor Botanicals SPF30+ Sunscreen uses micronized Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to create a physical barrier against the sun that is not absorbed by your skin. If ray-absorbing sunscreens are killing our coral reefs, do you want these chemicals on your kid's skin? Probably not! Besides being a physical barrier, our sunscreen is a rich source of antioxidants, soothing oils and natural sources of vitamins.

Our Outdoor Botanicals Bug Ban is a natural alternative to chemical based bug repellants. It too is a rich source of antioxidants, natural sources of vitamins, and soothing oils.

These nine wonderful products are available for online ordering:

Little Forest Therapeutic Botanicals Diaper Rash Cream
Therapeutic Botanicals Diaper Rash Cream

Little Forest's best seller - our Therapeutic Diaper Rash Cream helps treat even the most stubborn diaper rash! BONUS: We fill our containers to 4.5oz, even though we only claim 4oz.

Little Forest Daily Botanicals Barrier Cream
Daily Botanicals Barrier Cream

An effective way to keep sensitive skin protected from moisture. Now in our larger 4oz size.

Little Forest SPF30+ Sunscreen
Outdoor Botanicals SPF30+ Sunscreen

Protect your babies and kids with our water resistant titanium dioxide/zinc oxide sun protection, a great alternative to chemical based sunscreens.

Little Forest Bug Ban
Outdoor Botanicals Bug Ban

Our natural Bug Ban is a great alternative to chemical based bug repellants, with the added benefit of antioxidants and soothing oils.

Little Forest Daily Botanicals Soap
Daily Botanicals Soap
$5.00 Sale Price: $3.00

Our daily soap has a pleasant lavender smell and is gentle enough to use every day since it is made from vegetable oils.

Little Forest Therapeutic Botanicals Soap
Therapeutic Botanicals Soap
$6.00 Sale Price: $3.00

As with the daily soap, our Therapeutic soap is gentle enough to use everyday, but adds oatmeal powder and tea tree oil for soothing and healing properties.
Little Forest Daily Botanicals Shampoo
Daily Botanicals Shampoo

Our best selling daily botanicals shampoo has a wonderful smell and natural ingredients.
Little Forest Daily Botanicals Lotion
Daily Botanicals Lotion

Our gentle daily lotion moisturizes and keeps skin soft. It is great for babies and people of all ages!
Little Forest Therapeutic Shampoo
Therapeutic Botanicals Shampoo

Our Therapeutic shampoo is a tea tree shampoo that is part of our therapeutic line, a patented system for reducing cradle cap.
"Buy 2 & get one of us free!"*

Yellow Duck
White Chick

* Free stuffed animal offer limited to quantities on hand. Style may vary between yellow duck or white chick. Offer for retail sales only - two or more shampoos or lotions must be purchased on one order. Stuffed animal size is approximately 5-6 inches tall. 

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