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Little Forest Promotion: buy 2 shampoos or lotions and get a free stuffed animal

Welcome to Little Forest

Little Forest Drop Ship Program

Drop shipping is a popular way for internet retailers to sell products on their websites (or person to person) without maintaining costly inventories. Little Forest supports drop shipping through our Independent Distributor program. 

How does it work?

When you become an Independent Distributor, you may sell Little Forest products on your website, and to your friends, family and colleagues.  You set the price you will charge for Little Forest products (we recommend Suggested Retail).  When your customers place orders for Little Forest products on your website using your shopping cart, or in person, you take their payment.   Once you have received their order, you login to your account on the Little Forest website and place an order at your Independent Distributor pricing (generally 25% less than Suggested Retail), entering your customer's address as the shipping address for the order. The difference between your discounted Independent Distributor price and the amount you charged your customer is your profit.  Little Forest ships to your customer without an invoice, so your customer doesn't know the price you paid was less than what they were charged.  The customer  interacts with you, not Little Forest.    

The Little Forest Independent Distributor annual fee is $29.00. Click below to add an Independent Distributor membership to you shopping cart.  By doing so, you'll be able to receive Independent Distributor pricing on this and future orders.

Sign Up for Little Forest's
Independent Distributor Program

Click "Add To Cart" to the add an Independent Distributor Membership to your shopping cart. Items in your shopping cart will be adjusted to Membership pricing.

The Truth about Drop Shipping

Internet Marketeers may have you believe that drop shipping is a little known panacea that will make you rich with almost no effort.  Remember the old adage, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." 

Drop shipping is a convenient and economical way for a person to sell products without maintaining an inventory.  But it is up to you to make the sale.  That takes work.  If you're selling to unknown people over the Internet, it takes a bit of Internet fraud understanding so you don't get duped into shipping product to Internet scammers.  No matter which drop ship program you enroll in, you are taking payment from your customer, and the company is taking payment from you.  Even though companies will ship to whomever you instruct, you're responsible for the payment regardless if you later find out the credit card was stolen. 

Also be aware that you are responsible for the administration that comes with retail sales - order processing, customer service, processing returns, etc.  Your success will depend upon your ability to make a sale and your ability to provide customer service.

So might you be able to start a drop ship business and be hugely successful without ever lifting a finger?  Possibly.  Might you also win the lottery? That is possible too.  But the vast majority of people starting a business will be as successful as the amount of time they dedicate to their endeavor.  For those people, drop shipping is a valuable tool to assist them in achieving their goal.

Little Forest's Independent Distributor Program is a great program with many benefits.  We revamped our entire Parent-2-Parent program to make it easier and much more affordable for people to participate in it. We removed the initial purchase requirement.  We've made online ordering a breeze.  And we've created drop ship capability.  Whether you want to start your own business, or whether you simply want to purchase wonderful Little Forest products at a discount, you can't beat the benefits you'll receive from joining our Independent Distributor Program.  


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