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Little Baby
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Little Forest Promotion: buy 2 shampoos or lotions and get a free stuffed animal

Green Baby - make your infant eco-friendly

Little Forest has been committed to the environment and to reducing chemical exposure to your baby well before popular. Parents have turned to Little Forest for safe, natural and effective baby products for over a decade. Besides using Little Forest products on your baby, here are some other tips that can make your baby a green, eco-friendly baby:

1. Cloth Diapers:
It's estimated that a baby will use somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 disposable diapers before they are potty-trained. Cloth diapers saves trees, and really aren't that big a hassle to use. Newer cloth diapers have snaps, removable inserts (some of which are bio-degradable fibers), and can be easily washed at home or through a diaper cleaning service. Experts argue that cotton diapers are also better for a baby's bottom.

2. Glass Bottles for feeding:
Newer glass bottles are quite tough and resistant to average drop from countertop or highchair to floor. They are also free of potential chemicals that can leach from the plastic into your baby's formula. For more information on toxicity in baby bottles, read this article on Environment California's site.

3. Clothing made of natural fibers:
Clothing made from natural fibers are gentler on a baby's sensitive skin that man-made clothing such as polyester.

4. A Natural Nursery:
When furnishing and decorating your baby's nursery, pay particular attention non-VOC paints, natural fiber carpets and rugs, and "green" furniture.

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:
Toys, clothing, furniture, even diapers (cloth, of course) that are purchased used not only feels better on the wallet, they reduce the amount of items that will eventually end up in landfill.

6. Choose safe food packaging plastic containers:
Avoid plastic food packaged in containers with the recycle symbol that contains a 3, 6, or 7. Also avoid plastic food containers that have "PC" on them. For more information, read Recommendations for Parents from Environment California's site.

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