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Little Baby
Quack! Quack! Chirp! Chirp!
Little Forest Promotion: buy 2 products and get a free stuffed animal

Buy two or more shampoos or lotions, get a free stuffed animal.
Hurry, these cute little friends won't last very long!
Little Forest Promotion: buy 2 shampoos or lotions and get a free stuffed animal

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Mission Statement

To understand our customer:

  • The new parent(s) of a baby who wish to make the best possible decisions concerning the day-to-day care of their infant but receive conflicting messages from friends, family, advertising, and healthcare providers.

To provide our customers:

  • A brand name that connotes quality, credibility, trust and caring.
  • A focused assortment of infant toiletries and body care products that are natural, safe, effective and widely available.
  • Access to information and advice (printed, Internet and word of mouth) about infant care and the effectiveness and safety of products.
  • Acceptance and support of the brand by healthcare practitioners.

To deliver to our retail channels:

  • Focused marketing and advertising support of the brand.
  • Continuing research, innovation and testing to assure an on-trend assortment of best-in-class infant care products.
  • Quick response distribution of product and display materials to selling locations or distribution centers.
  • Gross margin opportunities associated with value added consumer products.

To conduct ourselves as a company with:

  • Teamwork and coordination at all levels. Treat each other with consistency, fairness and respect.
  • A clearly defined and enforced code of conduct to promote honesty and integrity.
  • Honest, open and constructive communications throughout the organization.
  • Financial rewards and career advancement in recognition of value added contribution by individuals who have had superior training to enable them to succeed.

To achieve:

  • A return on assets that will motivate investors to provide capital to expand our market share and further improve our profitability.
  • Constant refinement of the way we conduct the business, utilizing the best, most effective practices in the industry in order to increase productivity.

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