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Little Baby
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Little Forest Promotion: buy 2 shampoos or lotions and get a free stuffed animal

Little Forest Products

Daily Botanicals
1-2-3 System: Cleanse, Moisturize, and Protect
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After extensive research and development, a mother working with her pediatrician has developed three easy steps that take the guesswork out of caring for baby's hair and skin.

Many hospitals and pediatricians will warn against using any bodycare products for a new baby because most contain harmful chemicals or are simply unnecessary. Little Forest does not use ingredients such as talcum powder, sodium lauryl sulfate, or mineral oil and does not offer products such as baby perfumes or bubble baths.

Little Forest's Daily Botanicals are pure and simple baby bodycare products that are chemical-free and safe enough to use everyday. By using our Daily Botanicals: 1-2-3 System, parents are assured that baby's hair and skin is cleansed, moisturized and most importantly, protected.

Therapeutic Botanicals
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After extensive research and development, a mother working with her pediatrician has developed three specific bodycare treatments for infants with minor skincare ailments. Each system contains products that have been developed using Australian Tea Tree Oil. Completely natural and extremely effective, these treatments are recommended by both parents and their pediatricians. Finally, effective care that is also safe and natural.

Outdoor Botanicals
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Formulated to safely care for baby while outdoors, these products protect baby’s tender skin by keeping bothersome insects away and reducing the harmful effects of the sun. All of these products are free of DEET, PABA, synthetic colors and fragrances.

Gift Sets
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Combine the best Little Forest products in cute and fun packaging that will make a perfect gift for parents and their children.

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