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Little Baby
Quack! Quack! Chirp! Chirp!
Little Forest Promotion: buy 2 products and get a free stuffed animal

Buy two or more shampoos or lotions, get a free stuffed animal.
Hurry, these cute little friends won't last very long!
Little Forest Promotion: buy 2 shampoos or lotions and get a free stuffed animal

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What You're Saying About Us

I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the baby shampoo (on my 3 month old) and we just love it! I love the scent! It seems to help him relax and calm down. We were using other baby products, but they all seemed to irritate his skin. After trying your shampoo, we were surprised by the results. Now we use it on his body, too. Do you offer any type of coupons or samples? I'd like my other friends to try this product, too. Many of them have babies under 1 year and sensitivity is a big concern. I think they'd be just as pleased with this product as I have been.

Thank you,
Ginger M.

Wow! The products are amazing. After about 2 days of use (both the oil and the cream) I am seeing and feeling a significant improvement on my face rash (Rosacea). And it is a much gentler and kindler improvement than I was experiencing with the prescription ointment (Metrogel) from my doctor, which turned my face very dry and bright red. This is VERY nice and effective stuff! Thank you so much. I am already blabbing about how good it is to friends and giving them the 415.601.9669 number to call for more information. Hope that is O.K. Thanks again,

Trish K.

Oh, also I should mention that I started using your diaper rash cream and powder because of a recommendation by my lactation consultant at the hospital. Your sales rep told her that it would help with yeast and I'm suffering from Thrush on my nipples. I've used every medicine known to my pediatrician, OB and dermo without significant results. Then I used your cream and powder (yes, on my nipples), and it has really helped. I'm not "cured" but it seems to have at least given me a lot of relief and now breastfeeding is not so painful. I'm not sure if your rep really meant for it to go on nipples, but it has helped. By the way, I do wipe off my nipple before letting the baby nurse, even though the products are natural, I know they aren't meant for ingestion. I guess that's it. Thanks again for your products.

Erin C.

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