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Little Baby
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Therapeutic Botanicals

After extensive research and development, a mother working with her pediatrician has developed three specific bodycare treatments for infants with minor skincare ailments. Each system contains products that have been developed using Australian Tea Tree Oil. Completely natural and extremely effective, these treatments are recommended by both parents and their pediatricians. Finally, effective care that is also safe and natural.

Cradle Cap Treatment - [Baby Shampoo] [Baby Oil]

Little Forest's Cradle Cap Treatment is naturally formulated to be effective against this stubborn, but non-contagious ailment. The only product of its kind, this treatment is so unique and effective, it has been approved for a patent in the US. It is made up of our Therapeutic Botanicals: Baby Shampoo and Therapeutic Botanicals: Baby Oil, which work together to quickly and effectively take care of cradle cap.

Skincare Treatment - [Baby Oil] [Baby Soap] [Baby Lotion]

This skincare regime effectively soothes the symptoms associated with infant acne, eczema, sunburn, insect bites, rashes, etc. Use the Therapeutic Botanicals: Baby Lotion for most minor skin irritations to help soothe baby's skin. For 'spot' treatments, such as bug bites, or for more intensive healing, try the Therapeutic Botanicals: Baby Oil. The oil can also be used as a rich moisturizer for very dry skin.

By washing the affected areas with our Therapeutic Botanicals: Baby Soap and then soothing the skin with either the Therapeutic Botanicals: Baby Lotion or Therapeutic Botanicals: Baby Oil, baby's skin will begin its healing process, and soon baby will be free from irritations.

Diaper Rash Treatment - [Baby Soap] [Baby Cream] [Baby Powder]

Diaper rash only occurs in societies where diapers are used. Needless to say, where there are diapers, there will generally be diaper rash. You should try to leave diapers off as much as possible and to take advantage of the natural healing power of sunlight.

Start the treatment by cleansing the affected area with our Therapeutic Botanicals: Baby Soap, then apply the Therapeutic Botanicals: Baby Cream. Follow with a thorough dusting of the Therapeutic Botanicals: Baby Powder. By following the steps of our Diaper Rash Treatment, you can be sure that you are caring for your infant's rash with the most effective treatment available and feel comfortable knowing that it is recommended by both hospitals and pediatricians.



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